Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are grown ups always right?

Many a times I hear the saying, "the older you get, the wiser you would be". That is when an elder is uttering wise sayings to a young one that they are older, superior and knowledgeable and that they should be shown respect. Oh! I get it but as I stand at 21 years old and have seen a little bit of the world outside I began to think that these words are meant to state SUPERIORITY to show power but not to ask for respect.

The older you get, the wiser you become. These are famous words of the eldest but to me after giving some thought. I think the older you get, the more ignorant you become and this ignorance which have made into a habit we manipulate into being wiser. What is so wise about being ignorant? Aren't you not a fool with adapting more ignorance?

Ignorance is adapted when one just don't want to be hurt, does not to be burden, does not want to believe in the truth and it all sums up to how one wants to live in their own fantasy world and not reality. Have you ever had the presence of mind to question your elders what was it like for them as a teenager? I bet they have their own tale to tell into which many would have forgotten the pain they went through because it was the past. Then again times change to ask them to remember and to place themselves in a teenager's shoe would not be able to get the result you want. Why?

Times change, technology improves & grow, people change. Everything changes whether we like it or not and to compare is to ask a person living in the 21st century to remember what it's like living during the Stone age; it is ABSURDITY! Which modern era human is going to know what was it like living during the stone age? This is because they weren't born during that time thus they wouldn't know! So if you ask an elder to live in a teenage shoes it is the same as asking the 21st century man to remember what it is like during Stone Age.

What I'm trying to say is time is different! You can't compare your time (past) with the present because it is different. You do not know how life is at present and yet you want to compare with the past. If you ask your 15 year old self (1976) to come live at the present 2011. You would definitely think the world is crazy and you'll get lost in it. So never compare but just advice based on experience because you can never say what is right or wrong at this time.

You will definitely forget what it's like to be 15 when you're 50 but don't go on saying I used to be 15 and I'm no fool because you don't know what it's like to be 15 at 2011 compared to 15 at 1976. You forget because you have more appalling things to take care off then remembering to be 15 years old. So don't let your ignorance fool you just because you have a top-notch job. Don't let age tell you that you should lose respect towards older people. Don't let age let you be crude & open about your thoughts that you forget about blood. Don't as a grown-up say that you're more experience the younger generation just because you're older; you'd be surprise as to what the younger generation can come up. =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rat Race

Here is every student's rat race:
  • To earn the highest level in the education system
  • To make my parents proud
  • To finish my studies a.s.a.p
  • To enjoy life as much as I can before I grow too old for it
  • To start working & not study anymore
That up there is what most student are racing to complete. Parent's are just pushing kids to see them grow to be successful & earn a respectful paper qualification. Sometimes it is a good thing to push a kid but here's a students perspective on the rat race; mine.

Indeed I'm part of that rat race. Indeed I want to do all that & be successful but unlike students who are trying so hard at it, I like taking my time. I believe that there's no point trying to earn a degree just by studying the books & listening to lecturers lecturing till thy kingdom come. It's better if you're interested in actually trying to learn new things & experience it. I think it's better if what you learn in school you try to practice it but there's no point in it if you're going to school for the sake of your parents. There's not a point if you try to rush off your studies just because you don't want your parents to pay your tuition fees the whole length you're in school. If you don't want that option here's a better choice, PAY YOUR OWN FEES. If you can't afford it get yourself a FULL SCHOLARSHIP. No point sighing over if I study longer my parents are going to pay more.

It's better if you pay your own fees or partially to lessen the burden because if you try to finish studies as fast as you can and end up failing 90% of it; you're actually wasting your parents money even more then you prolong your tuition. So why not in the meantime whilst you're studying get a job or get a semester break job. It is advisable if you get a job based on what you're studying because if you do graduate with flying colours & with a strong resume you might actually secure yourself a very steady job. ;) However, if you do not graduate with flying colours but just on average & you still hold a bloody good resume you still are able to secure yourself a job. It's an advisable thing well I thought myself to believe in it. I don't care how long it takes me to complete my studies as long as I do complete & in the meantime build my resume. Well at least I do have a job in the end of it. Nowadays students are left without jobs after securing a degree or a diploma. The street smart students are often the ones to acquire good jobs where else book smart always end up in a good company but will maintain unhappy.

It's better to make your passion your job with that you'll be able to do your job to best of it because you would enjoy doing it. If you get into an industry you do not like, you'll perish or if not live a damn sad life. Seen it happening but never was part of it. I try to find jobs I like but it's hard & at times I'm lucky. So my rat race is to fill up my resume in the industry I like, to be independent & complete my studies. I look like a hopeless git always working & enjoying life but at least I'm going somewhere & happy where I am. First comes the joy of working & seeing the success of the output of your hard work. Second comes the money. ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Kids love to call their father a super hero. But the real superhero i think is our mothers. Why? Not being a feminist here but have you ever thought the things that your mum has ever done, did or doing. For example double shifted mums. What are double shifted mums you asked. Double shifted mums are mums who has a permanent occupation and a house wife. So she does double work. During the day she works in a office, shop or etc and towards the night, a mother & wife.

What so super heroic about that? Well.. Being a wife, mother & a employee is no easy work. A mother rises up early to ensure the kids are well packed for school, washes the clothe, cooks breakfast & lunch and cleans the house (applicative to family without household servants). Following that is a 9-5 job at the office and after that would be back to being a mother & wife at home. Hence, the cleaning after the children & husband, cooking dinner, listening to the whims & pansy of the kids & making sure her spouse is having equal amount of attention & love.

Multitasking is not something fun nor easy to conduct. Giving equal attention is most mothers God given quality. I said most because I believe not all mothers do the same and those who has mothers who does not  give quality attention would oppose to what I've said. I believe that a mother is a super hero because who better to give a child & a husband the most attention & love but your very own mother.

Not saying that dad's aren't as good as mum. Yes a dad works hard at work to provide food on the table, to give security and a strong foundation to a family. But have you ever seen a dad do housework? Coming back from work and cleaning up the house and cooking? Hanging the clothes up? Have you? (applicative to family with both working parents). Truly if you were to see. A father thinks that working in an office is enough hardwork there is and it is enough. His only other task when arrived home is to be present.

So there is some fathers who do become house husbands but what Im writing here is about fathers who are being house husbands and an employee. So what say you? Well if your dad is a multitasker as an employee and a house husband.. You should be proud because it's not something to see nor hear everyday. Maybe you should appreciate him because it is your luck. =)

As for your mum. Try appreciating her for the things she has tried doing, done or did for you.

This post was an inspiration out of an article I read for class. It is bias in some way but try to see it from a different point of view. =D

PS: I'm not such a great daughter myself but I try to help in most ways.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thirst for knowledge

We thought we were special, we thought we had the best of the best, we thought we had the knowledge that every adult would gained later. We thought we were smart in choosing the right education. But we thought wrong!

We learned we were deceived by marketing stunts, we were robbed of our treasures ensuring we would be given the best but we only received part of the best. We were promised gold but were given plastic. What was given in the early stages taught us a lifetime of lessons & precautions. But the latter years was an unavoidable stint of hopelessness. There werent too many choices so we had to stick with what we started in order to progress. The utterly horrible procurement of what we thought was the best from the beginning of our journey was an eye-opener.

Now we know that our prided knowledge was only at the begining. It could not be procured without the best educators but only if we were fools who believes in black & white. As we expand our search for the thirst of knowledge, we learned that it was the CLEVEREST thing to ever be done & in doing that we learned the random negativity of staying. Hence, the urge to move is more vigorous as compared to before. So we move to a better place to gain better knowledge. More hands on rather than hands off.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Young Love

Teenagers or young adults these days just love getting themselves cooped up in commitments that somehow would be broken by infidelity in the end. Their profess "love" at the early stages of their youthful life seems to be the most common thing we find in this era. Just as how we see so many "perfect" marriages are being splayed apart. Oh how few of these young adults would realize the meaning of being youthful & fully committed to a person when the time is right.

As for the few who seeks for such commitments. They make it their mission. Their mission to find true love. Their claims of not being a whole because there's no Adam or Eve in their life. So much so that they make life for themselves at time a living, depressed life. Why is it so hard to live life to the fullest? Why is it that people think that in order for you to have a perfect life you need a partner to live it or money for that matter?

I mean god gave us hands, feets, eyes, ears, hands & every mechanism for us to move & breathe. He didn't say that you must have a perfect partner to make your every mechanism a perfect creation of God. So... Why oh why do people of such things. It has become a habit even the eldest are fed up of it. Them deem that these youngsters confession of Love are called foolish. To think about it, I think it's true. How about you think about it?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dependency = Not reliable

I maybe young, immature & naive but one thing for sure I know is that depending on others is the wrong thing to do. So I might be in my teens but I do know a thing or two about hard labour. Yes I do come from a middle class family, so you might think I don't know what's labour. Believe me you shouldn't judge a girl by the richness of her parents. To be honest I'm not rich with money, I'm just rich with character. The one who is really rich is GOD. He has everything that money can't buy. What is that? You should ask him. =D

You can rely on your parents but until how long do you want to rely on them. Someday they'll leave us behind & go places where we can't go until it's our time. So rely on your friends you say. Until how long are you going to rely on your friends. Friends come & go. They don't stay with you forever as you grow up you actually grow apart as the mindset matures & it thinks differently.

If you want to rely on your friends until how long are you going to do that. Someday they'll leave you behind because your not independent. Someday they'll just get annoyed at you because you depend so much on them and they'll leave you stranded in the situation you're in.

So tell me who can you rely on but yourself. Isn't that the best policy. I believe so because depending on others tends to bring you disappointment & when you are disappointed nothing in the world could make you happy at that point of time. Disappointment is much worst then being left by your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If there's 1 thing I've realize in the years I've grown it would be not relying on anyone not even your own family. Pathetic, I know. Don't have to strained on that part, I know myself. But isn't it not the truth? Just give it some thought. =)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old school workaholic?

Being old school is considered a bore. Youngsters my age thinks old school is too OLD & it's meant for elderly. Well this was said by the frequent clubbers. Well what good is techno, anyways?? It's some blasted music with a rhythm that repeats itself with awfully loud bass that drowns the tune. How people could stand clubbing, I don't know but I for one can't stand the excessively loud bass drumming in a small closure with carbon monoxide in the air. =D

Now listening to old school, jazz, r&b, classical music with good company & some beers or liquor is the best thing. It's just a time to unwind & relax have a few chats & maybe hit home with a 1 night stand. I don't know, who knows only God knows. So why am I getting terrible response when I say, " I don't club". Haha! I guess the whole outlook of me is really bringing that impression around. However, I like the idea how people think I'm that kind of person but I turn out to be another. Ace for me! I can't help it that I'm old fashion at heart but young on appearance. At times I look way too young but no matter. It's all about staying yourself.

On the other hand, I guess I can understand how work can be such addiction. Well if you're working for a career you love. I betcha' that you'll work yourself to death if you are so addicted to it. Work can be as addictive as ciggarettes, drugs, alcohol & tattoos. Like I said I find that you can be a workaholic if you love what you doing. Basically your mind is all focused on that one particular thing.

What about money you asked?

I don't think that money would play much of it if you love the work you do. The only thing you would look forward too is another day at work. Yes although at times it could be stressful but it's the challenge that makes you want to come back again & improved yourself. I get how people can  be a workaholic & this is one of the reason. Maybe soon I'll figure out more. But for now.. Life is about being real & original.

I am what I am.